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Friends are By Your Side

​Friends Are By Your Side is a network of salon owners, stylists and beauty industry experts united in their mission to ease the stress and pain felt by women battling cancer and suffering from hair loss.

Inspired by his dear friends brave battle and triumph over cancer, Martino Cartier foundedFriends Are By Your Side. By watching women going through treatment, he realized how difficult it could be for many to afford hair replacment. He also discovered how hard it could be to get funding for hair replacement through other organizations or insurance companies. Martino and Self Image Salon believe that every woman undergoing cancer treatment is entitled to recieve the care and comfort offered by Friends Are By Your Side without paying a fee. That is why members of Friends Are By Your Side are committed to providing these free services to all women irrespective of their financial circumstances.

Self Image Salon is proud to be associated with this great organization and what it can do for women who have hair loss through cancer related treatments. 

Our Pledge

At Self Image Salon our pledge is to provide free hair replacement (wigs, styling, and moral support) to any woman who comes to our salon seeking services while undergoing treatment for cancer.

We will make the time to speak to you and evaluate your needs prior to the apppiontment.

We will make every effort to empower women who seek support through Friends Are By Your Side.

Many times the first step to empowerment is for the woman to take control of her hair loss by removing it herself rather than letting her treatments dictate her hair loss.

We will assist and provide them and their families with a safe and supportive environment for this task.